Weekly Crossword

Weekly and Monthly Crosswords & Sudoku Puzzles for Newspapers & other Publications

Since 1999, The Puzzle Syndicate has been offering The Weekly Crossword, a syndicated crossword puzzle catered specifically to the needs of weekly newspapers across the country. The Weekly Crossword has enjoyed phenomenal success since it began appearing in community newspapers large and small over 20 years ago, simply because it appeals to a wide variety of puzzle-solvers. Our customers and their readers simply love it!

Why choose The Puzzle Syndicate?
  • QUALITY - We use a full-size 15x15 grid for our crosswords and meet or exceed standard publishing guidelines for puzzles.
  • BROAD APPEAL - Our crosswords have a medium-level difficulty and use traditional crossword clues combined with pop culture references and clever hints to appeal to today's crossword puzzle solvers.
  • RELIABILITY - We have been in business for 20 years, doing what we do best - creating crosswords.
  • AFFORDABLE - Only $7.50 per week for The Weekly Crossword, and $2.50 per week for Sudoku. Bulk discounts are available. See our Pricing page for monthly rates.
  • CHOICE OF FORMATS AND LAYOUTS - Our puzzles are available in either PDF or TIFF formats, as well as standard or narrow widths. You can also choose to display the previous week's answers, or the current puzzles answers.
  • NO CONTRACTS - Puzzles are sent on a month-to-month basis - you may cancel at any time.

Sudoku Puzzle

In addition to our popular Crosswords, we also offer Sudoku puzzles to our customers. The cost is minimal, and a great add-on to your paper's weekly features. We also offer biweekly and monthly crosswords and sudoku puzzles, perfect for magazines, newsletters, biweekly or monthly newspapers, and other publications.

For your convenience, all of our Crossword and Sudoku puzzles are available in both PDF and TIFF formats. Whether or not you currently publish other puzzles in your newspaper, this is an offer you simply cannot afford to pass up. Consider joining our growing list of satisfied customers today!